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The words in this mission statement are born out of a sense of duty and commitment to the Puerto Rican community and to those Puerto Rican pioneer lawyers that founded this organization as part of their struggle to make sure that future generations of Puerto Rican and Latinos would have the same rights and privileges that everyone else is entitled to by virtue of one’s full citizenship.

Since its formation in 1957, the Puerto Rican Bar Association, Inc, (PRBA), has served as a model of what a legal professional organization should strive for in serving its members and the larger community. It has grown from a handful of Puerto Rican members to hundreds of lawyers committed to meeting the new challenges confronting Latino lawyers in the legal profession and the myriad issues affecting the Latino community, and New York State as a whole.

Throughout the last 66 years, many Puerto Rican lawyers have stepped up to provide leadership in the PRBA, to pay tribute to the contributions of those members of the association who came before them, and to follow in their tradition. Each team of lawyers, Presidents, and Officers of the Board of Directors, who accepted responsibility for moving the organization forward were reflective of their time and tackled the issues of their day.



The Honorable Langston McKinney passed away on May 20, 2024. The ARRIBA committee is saddened by the loss of Judge McKinney as a beloved member and pillar of the Syracuse legal community as well as one of ARRIBA’s biggest cheerleaders when we first formed this...


NOTICE OF FORMATION OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE Please be advised that the Board and Officers of the Puerto Rican Bar Association will be forming a Nominating Committee consisting of members in good standing who demonstrate a commitment, passion and understanding of...


The Puerto Rican Bar Association is proud to announce the distinguished honorees for the 2024 Puerto Rican Bar Association Scholarship Fund Gala: Join us in celebrating these outstanding honorees at the 2024 Puerto Rican Bar Association Scholarship Fund Gala! Please...

"We are all well aware of the many responsibilities and challenges these positions entail and we are eager to get to work. In the end, we may not achieve everything we wish to accomplish, but, expect that with every PRBA member’s help, we will write another chapter in the long tradition of excellence of the PRBA."

— This, we believe is our responsibility, and right, as Puerto Rican lawyers and members of the Puerto Rican Bar Association.